Good Stuff


Alex de Grassi -- one of my favorite guitarists who owns two of my favorite dogs.
Robert Barto -- Baroque Lute King. What more can one say?
Dorian Michael -- superb bluesy "yang" fingerstyle.
Cool Stuff
Taize in Edinburgh -- info on our Penicuik Taize Vaults singers, meetly weekly to sing Taize chants.
Cymatics -- fascinating book on how sound effects matter.
Sylvan Music -- Santa Cruz's treasure trove of instruments.
Goodall Guitars -- maker of phenomenal guitars. -- homepage of the man who wrote the book titled "Zen Guitar." -- lots of great links for eco-living, meditation, etc.
Compassionate communication
   -- ways to use compassion in everyday speech.
  we are interconnected  

These leaves were on the trail in the redwood forest. Only the network of tender veins remains, the living part of the leaves having been eaten by small forest critters.

Treble clef