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Like a walk in the woods!
-- Alex de Grassi, CA, recording artist, Tropo Records

LADY you have some absolutely gorgeous tunes...Windham Hill should wake up and sign you without even thinking about it.
-- Don Alder, Acoustic guitarist, Vancouver

I love this CD! I play it in my office all the time.
-- Daniel Hecht, VT, Windham Hill Recording artist & best-selling author of Skull Session and The Babel Effect

What a joy! I must have hit the repeat button a zillion times.
-- Roger Dingman, CA, Fisheries restorationist

Say anything you'd like from me. It's beautiful!
-- John Renbourn, Scotland, guitarist extraordinaire

This music speaks to my spirit.
-- Lou Hinkley, NY, owner of Daedalus Music

...the way she touches the strongly feminine...conveying a wealth of warm, true emotions...Quite a tour de force.
-- A-J Charron,

Enchanting melodies...reflective and nourishing.
-- New Age Voice Magazine

If editorial has room for another music review, I want to volunteer. I've never written one but somehow it needs to be said that her music brings redwoods into the room so that I can feel the dewy dawn on my skin. --Trace, magazine writer

I carry a small "boom box" when travelling - and play your CD on repeat all night - helps sleep and prevents home sickness!! --Jim, Laytonville, CA

I never knew photos could sound so good! --Martin, FL
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  Cool Music! Say Dharma Realm Buddhist Youth members  

"Cool Music!" exclaimed these Dharma Realm Buddhist Youth members (in unison) after a performance at their retreat in Sacramento.

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