Photos mostly from Scotland, with a few from California.
Photos from the Borders, April 2006
Spring sheep Sheep in Scotland, Biggar
New conifer cones conifers
Ribes sanguineum Flowering red currant in the Borders
Twin trees near Biggar Twin trees
Cliff on a sunny day Carlops cliff

Snow photos, March 2006
Linlithgow Palace Tree at Linlithgow Loch
Tree Tree in the snow, near Linlithgow Palace
Swan Swan at linlithgow palace photo
Linlithgow High Street Linlithgow High Street photo
Berry bush Berry bush photo, April snowstorm
Closeup of berries Red berries photo
cemetary in winter photo

Other photos
Highland loch Linlithgow loch photo
Linlithgow Palace Linlithgow Palace and loch
Stirling Castle (tree) Stirling Castle
Stained glass, Edinburgh Castle Stained glass at Edinburgh castle
Rosslyn Chapel, Apprentice Pillar Apprentice pillar, Rosslyn chapel
Uruquart Castle Uruquart Castle
Uruquart Castle arch Urquart Castle arch
California sunset Pacific Sunset photo

  Creek in Perthshire  

A creek near Pitlochry, Perthshire in Scotland.

Treble clef