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Meadow Run    Elegant Tern    The Redwood Sidthe
meadow photo, elk photo    tern photo, elegant tern    redwood tree photo, forest photo
GuiGui    Sunshower    The Redwood Sidthe
West Wind    Copperfield    Across the Pond
Headlands clip    Monk's Gate/
I Saw Three Ships
Meadow Run    Elegant Tern    Bai Ma (White Horse)
The Honey Song    Damnation Trail    Rain Forest Rain
South Wind    Sound of Thunderclouds    Green Heron
White Roots baroque lute    Song of Putuo Mountain    Lake Oswego Moon
Phoenix    SuLu (Sweet Dew)    Diamond Creek
Night Tide    Asea    Redwood Dawn
Dust Dance    Pacific    Catwalk
The Road to Roberton    Redstone    Amitabha (Buddha)
A Jig for John Dance       Offering

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